Documented Life Project- Week 37

The art challenge for week 37 of the Documented Life Project was to: “Use white pen prominently on your page.”

A few weeks ago my husband discovered a new vine with amazing flowers growing on our property. Neither of us had ever seen it before. It looked like something that would be in a Dr. Suess book illustration– quite whimsical. Passion FlowerPassion-Flower-Side-View

Of course, I had to look it up to see what it was.  The official name of the flower is passiflora incarnata, or a couple of the more common names are maypop and purple passion flower. It’s a common wildflower– I just had never seen it before. I decided to use this flower for my inspiration for this challenge. I used watercolor for the leaves and flower base and a couple different white pens on top. The leaf veins seemed too stark so I toned them down with a yellow watercolor wash.




After doing the last weeks page, I wanted to try something like that again for this challenge. I thought the dots on this picture would be cool to try.


However, I did not like how it turned out…White-Pen-1

So I added a bunch more dots…White-Pen-2Then added a quote to sum up this pages unsuccessfulness. I used clear photo corners so I could still see the page if I wanted a reminder about how mistakes are ok to make.White-Pen-3


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