Documented Life Project- Week 40

The art challenge for Week 40 in the Documented Life Project was to: “Paint or color with three colors you never use.”

I don’t think that there are three colors I never use, but I tried to think of three colors that I would seldom use in combination with each other– at least as the dominant colors in a project. The three colors I thought of were olive green, brown, and golden tan. I realized that those were the colors used most often for camouflage clothing and other things used by outdoorsmen. Since camouflage is supposed to make a person or object covered in it blend into the surrounding leaves and vegetation, I decided to paint some maple leaves as though they were wearing camouflage. These were done in watercolor.

Camo Leaves



I use all kinds of different colors but these are ones I don’t feel strongly about. I picked the colors then had to decide what to do. My Hubby said to draw something from Batman (we had been watching the new show, Gotham).

Colored Pencils

I think the guy who plays Penguin is awesomely creepy, so I decided to draw him. I used some colors other than the three above obviously, but those were the colors that got me started.DLP-Week-40-M

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