Documented Life Project- Week 49

For week 49 of the Documented Life Project, the art challenge was to : “Trace a hand onto your page.”

I used my hand as the “stamp” to remove paint from my homemade gelli plate before pulling the print. I love how the lines in my skin show up in the paint. I made many prints trying various techniques and color layer combinations before coming up with this one. Some of the prints I was making seemed to be heading in the right direction until I took them one step too far and lost the effect I was going for, but that is the fun of gelli printing– experimenting. And every print is totally unique and unrepeatable.




I had been looking at Pinterest for another project and came across a pin that suggested literally making a copy of your baby’s hand. I loved the idea and wanted to do it with Baby Boy as a way to remember his sweet, tiny hand. I held his hand on the copy machine, and he looked at me like, “what are we doing?”

Since this week was trace a hand, I felt that this was a perfect way to use my keepsake. I love those baby fingers.


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