Documented Life Project- Week 8

“Add a flap to your flap.” That was challenge for week 8 for the Documented Life Project. Those that are doing the challenges in their daily planners have added flaps to their planner pages so they have extra paper to work on the challenges. We are just doing the challenges as art project challenges on individual pieces of paper and don’t have a flap to which we can add a flap. Here’s what we came up with…

I decided my paper was going to have multiple flaps. I chose a picture I had taken from my back porch a couple weeks ago and printed it from the computer. Finally this week the snow has melted away. I know it is still February and with the way this winter has been going, I am thinking we have not seen the end of snow. But I am eagerly waiting in expectation for spring.Week-8-DLP-JLast year I took pictures of various flowering trees and plants in my yard as they blossomed. So as you lift each flap, you can see a collage of spring blossoms that I expect to see again soon. Flaps reveal spring blossomsInside flapsI started to doodle a border around each flower picture but it was not showing up. So I stitched borders around each picture on my sewing machine.


We got a new mail out from Convoy of Hope today. As I looked through it, this picture caught my attention. I liked the color combinations and the words. I wanted to use that somehow.

Week-8-M1Use my handy exacto knife, I cut out flaps from another piece of cardstock to peek-a-boo the words I wanted to highlight. Then covered the flaps with paper and wrote my message. I finished off the edge with a strip of ribbon to match.




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