Documented Life Project- Weeks 2 & 3

In case you missed previous posts, Melinda and I are participating in The Documented Life Project challenges. Feel free to join us!

Week 2 Challenge was to incorporate a selfie in the challenge, by taking a photo and printing it, or sketching or painting a likeness. If you wished, you could just add words to describe yourself without a picture. Also, you could add a word you want to focus on this year.

Melinda actually did this challenge the first week on the back of her door picture without knowing it. Since we did not show you that side of her picture before, here it is:DLP Week 2 MI was in the mood for doing collage and picked out words and images from some magazines to go along with my photo. I cut, pasted, and did a little doodling as well. The main word I want to focus on this year is STRETCH. I included a printout of one of the definitions: “cause (someone) to make maximum use of their talents or abilities.” I want to stretch my talents and abilities this year but I also want to cause others to stretch as well.Week-2-DLP-JWeek 3 Challenge was to add an envelope from your mailbox and be creative with it by journaling on it, writing notes or use it as a pocket.

Melinda made use of some of her stamps for the background and wrote a note to put in the pocket of the envelope.DLP-Week-3-M

I chose a piece of mail from Compassion thanking us for a donation. Still in my collage mood, I cut up parts of the contents of the letter, pasted, and doodled. The envelope was torn so I used the window part of another white envelope as my pocket.


The challenges for the Documented Life Project are free. You can use them in any way you like. Sometimes we all just need a little idea prompting to try something creative even if it’s not going to be used for anything other than the joy of creating.  Give it a try and have fun!


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