Don’t be Afraid to Make Dirt Angels

My daughters are amazing. They see a mound of dirt, and the joy that they can find in it is incredible. Quite often as adults (or at least I have), we look at the dirt and either 1) Think nothing at all, or 2) Think of how dirty it will make us, our kids, etc. if we were to touch it. All my girls saw was a ton of fun!

They made patterns in it with their fingers.Playing in Dirt

They made dirt angels.Making Dirt AngelDirt Angel

And their sweet little footprints I will hold in my heart forever.Dirt Prints

My Princess looked up at me from her play and asked, “Mommy, what is this?”

I replied, “Dirt. And I have failed you as a parent.”

I don’t beat myself up about it too much because they have played in the dirt in their grandparents’ garden, but where I come from, dirt is filled with rocks. This dirt was nice and fine. Perfect for pouring in your sister’s hair like Miss Tickles did. I am glad my kids got to experience dirt in a whole new way.Playing in the dirt

I guess the purpose of this post would be to remind you to tap into your inner child when you are creating and be willing to lay in the dirt and make an angel instead of worrying about the mess you will make or what someone else will think about you.

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