Doodle Borders

The theme for March was “Making Marks” using doodles and marks such as stamps in the Documented Life Project. The art challenge for week 11 was borders and the journal prompt:  “Borderline feels like I’m going to lose my mind.”

For this challenge, I choose one of the gelli prints I made with threads (read post) and drew string and ribbon doodles to make borders. Drawing string intertwining is a good brain exercise and is not as easy as it looks. Try it! A Little Lime has a great tutorial to help you get started. For the border on the left I drew three intertwining strings/ribbons first with pencil (I am still using an eraser) and then colored marking pens and pencils. The border on the right was drawn on another page, colored, and cut out on the left side. I glued a piece of pink crochet thread down the page trying to match all the loops of my doodled border.



I have struggled this year with the challenges each week. I have not felt connected or inspired. One reason has been that I have big changes happening in my life as my Hubby and I have been raising funds to be US Missionaries. We have also been preparing our house to sell to be more mobile for our ministry. I realized that I haven’t given myself the time to make these pages personal. I decided to allow myself to use this art journal for me and not have the mindset that it’s for the blog. Because of this, I have to allow myself to be vulnerable, which can be hard but isn’t a bad thing. Maybe you have been struggling with your art lately. Have you been making it personal?Go-Without-Borders

My Princess:


Ninja Boy:

Ninja Boy was excited to point out to me all the ways he used borders in his picture– very creative!


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