Dress-up Apron for the Snow Queen’s Sister

After several very late nights, the dress-up apron for the Snow Queen’s little sister, Anna, is finished just in time for Christmas. In case you missed it, here is the link to the dress-up apron for Elsa. I made the apron for Anna with a slightly different shaped bodice in black fabric (cut from the back of a shirt) and a gathered skirt (bottom of a formal dress from thrift shop) sewn together. The arm openings and the ribbon neck and ties were done in the same way as the Elsa apron.

Apron Bodice_Dressup Anna Frozen

I could not find gold ribbon for the bodice, so I bought a metallic paint for fabric and painted the gold trim. For the design on the front of the bodice, I freehand drew the basic lines with a disappearing ink marking pen for guides. Then I painted with fabric paints. I used the same procedure with the flower designs on the skirt.

Painting on skirt_Anna Frozen

To make the scallop shapes at the bottom of the skirt, I cut half circle shapes from cardstock, laid them in place and sponge painted around the edge.

Dressup Anna Apron Painting scallopDressup Apron in processDressup Anna Apron_ Frozen

My granddaughters are willing to pretend that a blanket wrapped around their shoulders is an Anna shawl, but I decided to make a cloak to go with the dress-up apron. I used some lightweight denim corduroy lined with flannel for the cloak. Pom-pom trim was stitched along the outer edge. I used cardstock to cut a stencil guide to paint a lacy looking trim in light pink fabric paint around the cloak. I used a brush instead of a sponge because the ridges in the fabric were harder to fill in. For the clasps, I made heart shaped buttons from polymer clay and sewed an elastic loop under one button to hook over the other button.

Heart Buttons_Dressup Anna Cloak

Dressup Anna Apron with Cloak

I can’t wait to see the girls playing with their dress-up aprons. Melinda is pretty sure that it will be awhile before she can sing “for the first time in forever the girls don’t have their dress-up clothes on!”

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