Easter Twinsies and Custom Jewelry

My girls are at the ages where they still get excited to dress alike. So when I started making a dress for My Princess and decided to use some of the fabric for a coordinating outfit for Miss Tickles, they were calling themselves twinsies for the rest of the afternoon and reminded me daily that they would look alike for Easter.


I used a pattern I had bought specifically for making dresses for My Princess and used a pattern I had bought years ago to make Miss Tickles’. I didn’t have enough extra fabric to do the whole dress for Miss Tickles, so I bought a couple pieces of fabric to coordinate. After I got the dresses done, I knew I should make some matching jewelry for them with polymer clay. I played around and made a bunch of different elements and baked them off. Then I figured out how to put together Miss Tickles’, and mom put together My Princess’.



They were so excited to wear their dresses for Easter weekend.

And the next weekend for a friend’s wedding!


(The boys didn’t get anything homemade this year.)

After their dresses were done, I thought that I should make myself something. I looked in our “fabric closet” that has pieces of clothing we have bought at thrift stores and clothing stores to make into other things and discovered an XXL dress and and XL long sleeve t-shirt that would coordinate with my girls.


It took several minutes of staring in the mirror, brainstorming different possibilities, and looking at Pinterest for inspiration before I landed on my plan of action. And of course, once it was done, I also had to have my own custom jewelry.



(I wasn’t meant for modeling. I felt like a goober.)

But these girls are pros!





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