Easy T-Shirt Scarf

One of my favorite t-shirts got a grease stain which I missed trying to get out before washing and drying it. After that the spot would not come out. Since I love wearing scarves, especially as the weather gets cooler, I thought I would preserve this favorite shirt transformed as a scarf. Original ShirtI cut paper plate and dinner plate size circles out of the t-shirt. I also cut open the arms at the seams to have more fabric available for circles. There was even enough fabric left to make a couple of smaller sized circles. Cutting circles from shirtI was able to get 12 circles total cut from this one medium sized shirt. Each circle was then cut into a spiral. Notice I did not try to make the spiral cuts exactly smooth.Cutting spiralsAfter cutting the first couple of circles into spirals, I decided to round off the ends as well as cut the center of the circle all the way to the middle like this:Center of spiralWhen you hang the spiral cut strips, they twist and turn looking like ruffles.Spiral RufflesI laid the strips out on the table, alternating the center of the spiral cut circles with the ends so they were evenly distributed on both sides. Then as you can tell from picture 1 below, I took another narrow strip of the t-shirt fabric and tied the strips together in the center. In picture 2, I took one of the strips cut from a smaller circle (that was included with all of the other strips) and looped it around the strips to hold in place around the neck. Picture 3 just shows how that looked. In picture 4, I looped one whole side of strips over the other in a partial knot to hold them around my neck. I don’t have one (yet) but the strips could also be fastened together with some type of broach or large hair clip.T-Shirt Circle Scarf

This is a quick easy project with no sewing involved. Look through your closet and see if there is a t-shirt you seldom or never wear and make yourself a scarf. It will work with striped, patterned, or plain t-shirts.

Do something creative today!


Easy T-Shirt Scarf — 2 Comments

  1. A friend of ours just made a scarf like this using a t-shirt with a screen printed flower design. I think as long as the print on the t-shirt is not screened with a thick paint it should work fine.