Easy Transformation Toddler Dress

Each of my granddaughters prefer wearing dresses. Or skirts. Since they all need summer clothes, we are trying to figure out easy and quick ways to make dresses and skirts. The one I am showing you today was very simple.

I started with a toddler tank top.T-Shirt for top of dressAnd a ladies blouse purchased at a yard sale (the sleeves had already been used on another project.)Womans shirtThe tank top was cut in half width-wise, and the ladies blouse cut straight across under the arms for the skirt. Leaving the the blouse hem, darts, and button front as is, I stitched a gathering stitch across the top of the skirt. With right sides together, I adjusted the gathering to fit the lower part of the t-shirt top and stitched. I cut off the blouse collar, stitched to make it a bit more narrow for a bow and hand stitched the bow to the dress. Finished Dress!toddler dress

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