Fairy Garden Tea Party

While mom was buying plants for her garden at a local flower stand, the flower lady showed her the cutest little plants that are perfect for making fairy gardens. This gave her a fun idea for making a centerpiece for my church’s spring Mother-Daughter tea. We had committed to decorating a table for the tea but hadn’t decided what to do yet. She told me her idea, and I thought it was definitely the thing we should do!


We took the girls with us to go plant shopping and found tiny plants, pretty flowers, and unique leafy plants. We found a large bowl at a thrift store and a few smaller ones to make mini gardens. While trying to plant the flowers, we realized the smaller bowls were too shallow for the plants. We had a couple tubs that had previously stored toys in the playroom that we used instead.


The girls had fun playing in the rocks and dirt.

Mom and I spent the evening looking for odds and ends to make into fairy accessories. We felt like we were playing doll house! While arranging our fairy gardens, I came up with a story about who lived in each of the little houses.

Fairy-Garden-Story Book

Once upon a time, there were three fairies. Their names were Alice Tickles, Lucy Songbird, and Nora Princess. They loved to sing and dance together. Alice Tickles loved to paint and watched over the jar of fairy dust. Lucy Songbird loved to play music and sing silly songs. She loved reading by the pond. Nora Princess loved to sew and made all of the fairy skirts. Sometimes they leave their fairy gardens to go on big adventures together. When they leave, the birds and squirrels take care of their things. When they come back home, they sleep for a week to rest. When they wake up, they have a garden tea party to celebrate and talk about all of their adventures. They drink the dew drops and eat the flower petals. After their celebration they go back to their fairy houses to do what they love. The End.

Alice Tickles’ Fairy Garden:

in a Tickle Fairy GardenFairy-Garden-Blue-HouseFairy-Garden-Paint-EaselFairy-Garden-Paint-BrushesFairy-Garden-Fairy-DustFairy-Garden-BallFairy-Garden-Blue


Lucy Songbird’s Fairy Garden:

Fairy-Garden-Yellow House

Fairy-Garden-Trumpet Fairy-Garden-Pond and Book Fairy-Garden-Yellow Fairy-Garden-Thimble Planters Fairy-Garden-Ball and Fence

Nora Princess’ Fairy Garden:

Fairy-Garden-PinkFairy-Garden-PinkFairy-Garden-Thread SpoolFairy-Garden-Sewing BasketFairy-Garden-PinkFairy-Garden-Clothes Line

It all came together so nicely, and we loved our table decorations for the Tea Party.


Tea-Party-Fairy-GardenFairy Gardens Tea-Party

You can see what we did for our table last year here.



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