Fall Crafter Updates

Now that it is fall, Mom and I decided to take another trip to Silver Dollar City to meet some new and old friends from the crafters that set up booths for the fall festival.

We got to talk to Dennis Conners in the barn. He has some big things possibly coming up next spring that we are excited to hear about. We got to update him on our crafting as well as the new addition to my family, Baby Boy.

Dennis Conner sculptor

Remember this little girl from last year?

Dennis Conner Sculpting

She is officially bronzed now.

Prairie Girl Bronze Sculpture

Dennis had some new sculptures since last year with one in the works (the bears).

Dennis Conner Sculptures

We also stopped by Julie Rice’s booth to see what new things she was working on this year.

Julie Rice

She had several 8×8 pieces of wood that she was working on to make a large scale picture of some cowboys. The finished picture will end up taking up an entire wall!Julie Rice-Finger Paint Artist

We also stopped by to say hi to Mike Sears and his wife.

Mike Spears- Painter

In the next few posts we will be sharing some new crafters from this year. So don’t miss those!



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  1. Thank you for stopping by to see Mike & Susie Sears! My husband & I were lucky enough to be neighbors again with them while they are in Branson for the craft show & we were vacationing. We are back home in Texas but, have wonderful memories to share. We are lucky enough to keep in contact with them throughout the year. Really enjoy all the pictures you post of the crafter’s at SDC!!!!