Finger Knitting

Yesterday I shared with you my experience with arm knitting and wondered if it was possible to use the same technique with my fingers. I followed the same instructions but cast the stitches onto my index finger instead of my arm. It worked and was very awkward, but it can be done.Finger knittingI looked up finger knitting online to see what was out there. After watching a few videos, I realized there are several different variations for finger knitting and settled on the one that looked the easiest to me. I followed these instructions:

Here is my first attempt using a single strand of yarn.

Knitting with fingers 2knitting with fingersThe finger knitting creates a rope-like strand. I wanted to see what two strands of yarn would look like together and made necklaces with the strands.Finger Knitting closeupFinger Knit Necklaces

In searching online it appears that finger knitting is an easy craft for elementary age children to do and fits right in with the popularity of the stretchy band looms. With finger knitting you don’t need any fancy equipment, just your fingers and strips of yarn, string or fabric to knit necklaces, bracelets, belts and more.

I decided to see what fabric strips looked like with finger knitting so I cut strips of this piece of striped t-shirt knit.Pink Striped T-shirt fabricThe fabric strips were much easier to work with than the yarn because of their stretchiness. The thickness of the fabric yarn gave the knit strand a new look from the regular yarn.Finger Knitting closeup I made a necklace, adding a fabric flower and bow to finish.Finger Knit NecklaceFabric Flower

Are you inspired to see what you can knit with your fingers and arms?  Give it a try and include your kids and grandkids. You can’t use the excuse that you don’t have the equipment or materials needed. If you don’t have yarn on hand, cut strips of fabric or recycle a t-shirt you no longer wear and transform it into something new. With Valentine’s Day soon approaching you could make some beautiful, unique gifts.  Let your creativity grow.


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