First Day Gelli Printing {Part 2}

Gelli Prints

Have you made a gelli plate yet? I am hoping by the time I finish showing some of what I made the first day I tried gelli printing, you will want to do it too. In case you missed it, read {Part 1} so you know what I am talking about.

For the following print I tore strips of tissue paper and laid them on the gelli plate. Then I rolled blue paint into the areas between the tissue strips. I peeled the tissue up from the gelli plate leaving very distinct lines of paint. It seemed too solid, so I laid the small dot textured craft foam on top to create spots in the blue paint. I picked a print that looks like I started with a purple ghost print of the kitchen mashing utensil texture I showed you in {Part 1} with an added green and yellow layer over it. I pulled a print of the blue on top of it.

Tissue Gelli Print

The tissue worked but was a little flimsy when rolling the paint over it, so I next tried strips of torn newsprint. I rolled yellow paint over the exposed gelli plate areas and peeled the paper strips off. Then I took small bubble wrap and laid it on top of the yellow paint. As I moved it around some of the paint from the bubble wrap stuck to the unpainted areas of the gelli plate. I rubbed a previously made print of green and purple over the gelli plate and ended up with yellow stripes and yellow bubbles on top. There was still a ghost print left on the plate so I added the yellow ghost print to the print I showed you above.

Torn Paper Gelli Print

When you are making gelli prints you don’t have to waste paint. Just make a ghost print on another print or by itself on a new piece of paper. You can also run your brayer on another piece of paper or even in a journal to use up the paint. The texture tools you use can also be rubbed onto another paper or journal page to remove the paint. Here are three pages I made in my sketch book just using up paint on my tools.Journal Pages Gelli Print

Are you ready to try gelli printing yet? It is so much fun and the creative possibilities are endless…

…to be continued in {Part 3}.


First Day Gelli Printing {Part 2} — 2 Comments

    • I have been using my gelatin plate over and over for 2 years now. I always clean the paint off, break it apart, and melt it in the microwave after using and pour it in my pan to reset to use again. I kept it in the fridge at first, but after the first few months, I have kept it on the shelf in my craft room just covered with plastic to keep the dust off. I quite putting it in the fridge because I did not have room!