Flower Power: Draw With Me Wednesday

It’s spring and I am fascinated with all the flowers blooming. I’ve always loved flowers, but this year is the first in a long time that I am able to watch the progress each day around my yard as they go from buds to full blossoms. Flowers, like all of God’s beautiful creation, have so much intricate detail. If you read the post a couple of weeks ago on Weekend Wonderings, I talked about getting close to the flowers to see those details.

Today we are going to take that a step further and play with drawing some flowers. Usually when I am doodling, my default flower to draw is a daisy- probably because daisies are my favorite flower. But there is so much more that can be drawn! But to get comfortable with it, you have to play with drawing other shapes.

Speaking of shapes, see how many geometric shapes you can find in the flowers as you look at them.

Grab your pencils and paper and get ready to draw. I am posting some pictures of some flowers that I thought would be fun to draw, but you might want to go out into your own yard and draw some flowers you have growing at your place. 

Don’t worry about making it look perfect. Just relax and start drawing what you see. We are just doing line drawings, so you don’t have to try to put in shading, etc. (unless you want to.)

Purple Wildflower

Notice the fine vein lines in the petals and the whiskers in the center of the flower!


Bradford Pear Blossom

The center of this flower reminds me of something that would be in a Dr. Seuss book!


Yellow Dandelion

Notice how the layers of petals are arranged in circles with each petal layer getting larger toward the back. If you look real closely, you can see little curly spikes sticking out all over the flower. Do those little spikes have something do to with the way the dandelion looks when it goes to seed?


Black & White Dandelion

Thought you might be able to see more detail in a black and white photo of the dandelion.


Purple Flower

Notice the star shaped center of this flower.


White Wildflower

This flower is very, very tiny and it looks like the green leaves around the flower have little hairy spikes to protect it!


Yellow Wildflower

Lots of star shape happening in this little flower and the green part of the flower looks furry.

Ok, I will let you see my drawings. After I sketched them I decided to pull out the colored pencils and add a little color to them. Jan's Flower Drawings

Have fun drawing! The sun has peeked out and I am going out to take more pictures in my yard. See ya!




Flower Power: Draw With Me Wednesday — 3 Comments

  1. This is delightful and inspiring and so not threatening!!! And thanks for reminding me to take the time to LOOK at the flowers up close to enjoy the incredible details in what God has made!