Free Online Art Class for Kids of All Ages


Acrylic Painting by 3 year old Miss Tickles

Are you looking for fun things to do with your kids this summer? Spend a week exploring creative art with online video lessons from painter, illustrator, and creativity workshop instructor, Carla Sonheim, joined by artist-teachers Lynn Whipple & Diane Culhane. Everday from July 27-31, 2015 they will post a video lesson for you to watch, and then you get to create. The materials needed are simple basic art supplies and you can complete a lesson/project in about an hour or less. The lessons are free and the class materials will be online and available for you to access at your convenience at any time.  However, you do need to sign up!

Kids Art Week

If you don’t have kids or grandkids or neighbor kids to create with, you have permission to sign up for the class and do them by yourself. It’s OK for you to find the kid inside of you and enjoy playing again!

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