From Metal Tub to Creative Adventure

This tub looks like it is ready for the 4th of July.Thrift store tubBut what to do with it the rest of the year? It doesn’t really fit my decor.

Actually, I picked it up at a thrift store with the intention of transforming it into something else. I decided to spray paint it with black chalkboard paint.Chalkboard painted tubThe next step was to hand it over to my grandkids’ creative imaginations.Kids creatingThey decided to turn it into a pirate ship. After giving them chalk, PVC pipes, masking tape, paper, plastic lids with magnets taped to them and a few other supplies…aaargh!Pirate Ship 1Pirate Ship 2Pirate Ship 3Magnetic accesories for chalkboard tubPirate Ship 4After playing pirates a while, they decided to turn the tub into a spaceship.Spaceship 1Space Ship I think they had as much fun staging their creations for picture taking as they did decorating the tub. I wonder what their imaginations will turn it into next time they come over?

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