Grandkids (Cousins) Camp

This is what the past month has been filled with…Grandkids…lots of silliness, laughter, games, water squirters, swimming, coloring, painting, reading, playing, rolling in the grass, bonfire, glow stick dances, chalk drawing on the driveway, celebrating a birthday, riding bikes and scooters, canoeing, picnics, movies, singing, AND eating, eating, and more eating! Melinda and her sister often talk about sending their kids to Grandma and Pa Summer Camp, so I guess you could say this was a beginning (only it also included the parents and the birth of a new baby.) The time will come all too soon when they will be old enough to come spend an extended time at Grandma and Pa’s without their parents. But for now we will take it in little steps.

Do you have grandkids? Have you considered planning a creative week or weekend of activities for “Grandkids Camp”? Perhaps that seems overwhelming to you. So, if your grandkids live close enough, maybe you could start with a special “Grandkids Day” once a month through the summer. Make some positive memories with your grandchlidren that will live on in their hearts as they grow into adults.Grandkids-Camp-1Grandkids-Camp-2Grandkids-Camp-3Grandkids-camp-4Grandkids-Camp-5


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