Homemade Wedding Card Idea

It seems to be wedding season around here! Yesterday I went to a wedding of a couple of our former Junior High students from five years ago. It was a beautiful wedding, and we are so proud of them. I wanted to give them a card that was special from me and meaningful for them as well.

I like to fit gifts or cards to the theme or colors of people’s events. This particular wedding invitation clearly showed the colors were blue and red. I figured I would start with that color palette for my papers.

Wedding Cards7I started by putting together some random pretty wedding-like things and got the idea to use parts of their invitation on the card as a way to keepsake their invitation. I didn’t get a good before picture, but you can kind of see the parts that I took from the invite.Wedding Cards6After finishing that card. I was feeling motivated to do another card. Next weekend there is wedding, but we will not be able to attend, so I wanted to make sure to give them something meaningful too. The other couple had a great invitation with lots of pictures for me to choose from.

Wedding Cards4I stuck with the coloring of the invitation to make this one too.

Wedding Cards5A little part of me wanted to make sure I made a card they couldn’t possibly throw away!

Wedding Cards3

Wedding Cards1Next time you are invited to a wedding, instead of throwing out the invitation, make them a card using elements from it to give them an extra special personalized card.

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