How Anti-creativity Are You?: Weekend Wonderings

Anti-creativity: opposing creativity

Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas

While reading those definitions did you find yourself saying, “I am definitely NOT anti-creativity! I think people need to be able to be more creative. We sure could use more original ideas to solve some of the problems in our world.”

That’s great!

But take a look at this video below. It is an anti-creativity checklist for teachers that was inspired by this video for business put together by Youngme Moon. Even though it was made for teachers, it can apply to parents, grandparents, men, women, church leaders, coaches, just about everyone! I heard myself in some of the sentences, and I think I am pro-creativity!

You can download the original “Anti-creativity Checklist for people who want nothing to do with inovation, flights of imagination, or out of the box thinking” in list form.

What are some phrases that you need to eliminate from your thoughts or conversations that are keeping you or others around you from pursuing new imaginative creative pursuits?

Here’s another video you can watch of a news story showing how a principle decided to be creative and go against the norm to transform a very troubled school.

Creative Kids

No anti-creativity in these kids!

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