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It is hard to believe a year has come and gone since Melinda and her family sold their house, downsized their belongings, and moved into an RV full time to travel for their ministry, Because Family. Melinda still creates and plans creative activities for her kids, but finds it hard to fit in making a blog post about what she does. A few months back she decided the easiest way to show you what creative things she’s done, was to post to Instagram. If you haven’t found her yet, here are a few of her posts:


I have a goal of doing 30 completed drawings/paintings this year. This is my first one of 2016. I saw this on Pinterest so I decided to do a watercolor of it.

shorts from a shirt

Quick project tonight. I needed more sleep shorts. Used a large shirt for fabric and my pj pants as a pattern. 20 min–done!


We watched @wildkrattsofficial show about Praying Mantis for school today. Then I had everyone draw one. Mine is gonna take a little longer to finish.


It’s coming along. Slowly. I have a hard time doing projects that take a lot of sessions, but I’m liking seeing the progress.

ladybug wings

I had to make ladybug wings for My Princess for dance recital. Took longer than I had expected due to thread and Notion mishaps. However, It turned out great!


Practicing drawing by tracing children’s book illustrations I like. Tracing is a great way to build muscle memory for drawing and learn more about drawing different styles.

tank top lengthened

Added a skirt to My Princess’ tank top to give it some length.


10 minute drawing challenge from Mark Kistler on YouTube. Ninja boy and I practicing drawing together. I loved watching Secret City and @markkistlerartist when I was a kid.

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