Inspirational Trip to Arkansas

Last week, mom and I went to Mountain View, Arkansas for an inspiration trip.

We stayed with some friends, Skip and Racheal Mathews, who have a shop at the Ozark Folk Center. Ozark Folk Center It is an Arkansas State Park that highlights the traditional music and crafts of the pioneer era. Their shop is one of twenty-four that demonstrate and sell crafts to the people that come and visit.Ozark Folk Center Map

We had so much fun talking to them about what they do. Before going to visit the other crafters, Racheal told us that this is the place where you have to learn how to “mosey and dawdle.” You can’t be in a rush or you will miss out on some wonderful experiences. We were so fascinated by the stories and demonstrations that we were not able to visit every shop in the Craft Village. We have plans to go back again in the future and visit the places we missed.

Racheal explained to us that each shop owner is hired by the State Park to be a Craft Interpreter. They bridge the gap between the past and the present. The people were so amazing and willing to share information about themselves and what they do. We are so thankful for each person that spoke with us, and we want to take several upcoming posts to highlight them.

The Folk Center is not the only reason to go visit the town. We found out when we got there that it is the Folk Music Capital of the World. There were very few people that we talked to that didn’t play some kind of folk instrument. In fact, we even attended a slow jam and listened to people play banjos, guitars, dulcimers, fiddles, etc. It is common to see people walking down the street carrying an instrument in one hand and a chair in the other gathering with other musicians for jam sessions.Slow Jam Mt View Ar

We strongly encourage anyone that could make the trip to go down to Mountain View, Arkansas. It’s a great little town with lots of history and education, fun and relaxation. We plan to take the kids one of these days for a homeschool field trip. They would learn so much and see so many new things they’ve never seen before.

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Inspirational Trip to Arkansas — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, what a beautiful reflection and description of your journey down here in Mountain View! Captured the feel and draw of this wonderfully rich community in the Ozarks. Thanks you guys…we had a great time sharing together! Come again!!!

    Copper Colorists LLC

  2. hey skip
    this is mindy Hensley Jordan. moms bday is a ways off in sept but I want to get something from you. I have no idea how to get a hold of you. my cell phone is 928 254 1291 can you please get a hold of me I am living back in payson and I work for the hospital, ulus and I are divorced and he lives here as well any way get a hold of me or email me back your private email address. thanks

  3. Hi Mindy, wondering if you are the Mindy Jordon that Skip knew years ago. He and his family lived in Payson for a while. Just checking. Please email us and we would be glad to help you with a gift. Christmas Blessings…………Racheal Mathews