Interview with Stoneybrooke (Generosity)

I am happy to share with you several posts about a great friend of mine, Linda Lee. I first met Linda when her son came to our Junior High class when we were youth pastors at church several years ago. She started helping out and began bringing crafts for the girls to do before service started. The girls (and some of the boys) loved it! She is a beautiful, giving person who LOVES being creative. I have loved seeing her share her different mediums of art and creativity, and I hope you enjoy taking a little peek into her life too.

This is the third of a series of posts featuring Linda Lee, AKA, Stoneybrooke.


Linda has a special relationship with her mom who now has dementia. Linda makes and sends postcards for her each week that share memories that she has of her mom. These are a couple postcards she has made.


Linda’s mom’s ham and white bean soup always makes her think of Fall.


Linda also helps with her mom’s bills and altered this composition book to help keep track of everything. That is a picture of her beautiful momma on it.


What a special way to stay connected to a family member.

Linda has a giving heart and has used her creativity in ways to bless others in her life and even people she doesn’t know.

Tell us a little about how you are using your creativity to help others.

Knitters are known for being generous people. Thousands of hats and scarves are donated each year to worthy causes who collect for those in need. This year our podcast did a charity drive in which participants were encouraged to choose a charity to craft for.  

In my search for a cause that touched my heart, I came across the need for sleeping mats for people who are living rough outdoors. Across the country, crocheters and weavers are turning discarded grocery sacks into plastic yarn “plarn” and turning that yarn into a mat that will put a layer between the recipient and the cold ground. It takes more than 700 grocery sacks to make one mat! It helps someone in need and it gets those bags out of the landfill.  It took me about 2.5 months to finish one mat and I will begin another one next week.

I have also knit about 30 hats for preemies and newborns this year. Many hospitals love to have handmade hats for their babies so that families feel cared for when they are in the hospital. Sick kids are a cause that is close to my heart. Brianne’s son, Owen who is 11, was diagnosed with cancer when he was 8, and has gone through 2.5 years of chemo. We know what it is like to be in a hospital with a very sick kid. Any kindness means so very much when your kids are sick.


Isaac holding up an in progress mat for the homeless

We will have on more post about Linda coming up, so get ready!

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