Interview with Stoneybrooke (Podcast)

I am happy to share with you several posts about a great friend of mine, Linda Lee. I first met Linda when her son came to our Junior High class when we were youth pastors at church several years ago. She started helping out and began bringing crafts for the girls to do before service started. The girls (and some of the boys) loved it! She is a beautiful, giving person who LOVES being creative. I have loved seeing her share her different mediums of art and creativity, and I hope you enjoy taking a little peek into her life too.

This is the second of a series of posts featuring Linda Lee, AKA, Stoneybrooke.


Tell us about your podcast with your daughter and how it got started?

Podcasting was on my bucket list.  Brianne introduced me to podcasts a few years ago and I was hooked. They are the modern day equivalent to a “sewing bee” where you gather to do handwork and get to know one another.  They appeal to me because I am an introvert. Probably hard to tell from this interview, but I am. I am not likely to join a guild or attend a weekly group because it’s hard work for me and because I often have to cancel things because of migraines. It makes it hard to develop friendships when you are hard to count on. But podcasts are viewed at times that are convenient and you can interact when you feel ready. It has opened up a whole world of new social opportunities for me that never existed before.

Our podcast is called the Knitworthy Podcast. “Knitworthy” is a term of endearment in the fiber world. It means you are worth knitting for, because you will value the gift, and treasure the heart it was given with. You can be sure that if someone considers you “Knitworthy”, worthy of spending countless hours, weeks and sometimes months of their free time laboring over a complex pattern and tiny needles to create something for you, then you are truly LOVED my friend. A piece of that crafter’s heart has been wrapped into each stitch. And that is the name Brianne and I decided to take when we started video podcasting over a year ago, because the podcast is our gift of love to the knitting community.

You can find us on Ravelry, YouTube and ITunes. We also have a blog at

Linda has some FREE tag pdf’s for you to download on their website:

So every few weeks, we put out a new video podcast and invite subscribers to join us for an hour or so. You grab your knitting and turn on the podcast and you are immediately part of a group. We laugh. We cry. We talk about what we are working on. We talk about great products we find and whatever else is on our heart. We are by no means a slick operation. Think homespun and real. Luckily, we hear that’s what our podcast friends like.

And the interaction goes both ways. People comment and interact after watching an episode. That part of the interaction happens in our Knitworthy group on We also host knit alongs and craft alongs there and draw prizes just for participating.

And it’s fun because Brianne and I do it together! It’s fun sharing common interests. And we are making new friends at the same time. Gotta love that.

A recent podcast episode took us to FiberU in Lebanon, Mo for a day  of classes and shopping for yarn and fiber. Then on the way home, Hurts Donuts. Yum!


How did you cultivate creativity in your kids while they grew up? 

I’m curious as to how my kids might respond to this?

But I would say I exposed them to play dough, crayons, scissors, markers, paint and journaling which are obvious exercises in creativity. But even more than that, I didn’t take responsibility for filling or planning their free time. I grew up hearing that “I’m bored” is the best way to get more chores assigned to you. So I taught my kids to learn to be creative and use the smart brain God gave them to imagine fun things to do. I might suggest one or two things but I wanted them to learn the art of how to imagine fun things to do on their own. I know it worked for me because I am NEVER bored.


Washi tape mustaches with the grandkids

With the grandkids, when I am lucky enough to have a play date with them, I always try to choose a new type of craft or art activity for us to try together. I have lots of craft supplies I’ve gathered over the years, so it is my joy to share my love for art with them.


Linda son, Isaac, with his cousins


Linda and Brianne

We will share more about Linda in the next post. You can read our first post about Linda here.

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