Last-Minute Christmas Cards with a Magazine

Christmas is 2 days away! Do you have any last-minute things you need to get done? I did! I wanted to make some cards for some family members for Christmas. If you have any magazines laying around, you can make some easily too.

I thought I would share my process in case you don’t know where to start.

1. Gather supplies.

-You need at least one magazine, a pair of scissors, glue, and cardstock.




For making Christmas cards, the Holiday editions of decor magazines are the best, but any magazine will work.

2. Look through the magazine and cut out any words, phrases, or pictures that stand out to you.

I cut out everything that I like, regardless of if I am going to use it right away. I can save it for another time to make cards.


3. Choose what you are going to do for your card.

It’s easy to choose things to put together when you have it all laid out in front of you.

Magazine words


Cutouts from magazines

4. Take a second look through the magazine to find any words you are missing.

I needed an “AND” so I looked back through the pages to find one. It’s amazing what else pops out at you with another look through the magazine.


I needed a “?,” “WANT,” and “DO” for my other card.

Putting card together

5. Design and glue it!


Magazine-card-BMagazine Card

I like to find bigger pictures to use as my background then add the words for what I want to say on the front.

More cards:


Magazine Cards Magazine Cards

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