Learning a New Craft on Vacation {Part 1}

I have often looked down the isle at the craft store displaying clay and sculpting supplies and wondered where to start. I’ve even watched a few videos online about various techniques. Learning how to make things using this meduim has been on my someday list. While on our girl’s vacation I moved that desire to the “now” list. My sister brought along polymer clay and all sorts of clay tools to play with. She just recently became interested in working with clay and wanted to share. The dining room became our craft room for the week. She taught us what she had learned so far and then we played. It was interesting how each of us gravitated to different ways of using the clay.Clay Creation PlayMy sister became interested in clay when she wanted to make food and various items for a doll house she is making for my granddaughters. Someday soon (she hopes) the doll house will be completed and we can share it with you. Here are some plants she was working on for the doll house patio.Clay leaves

After seeing samples of some of the miniature clay food, Melinda and her sister decided to start making play food for their girls tea party sets. Who knew you could make frosting out of clay?Frosting Clay CookiesSoon cookies and cakes and even sushi took shape in their fingers. It all looks good enough to eat!Clay Tea Party FoodMy mom started making hand rolled beads for a necklace and used cookie cutters to make small embellishments to add to her card making creations.Beads and EmbelishmentsMy other sister loves bracelets and used the bead rolling tool to make lots of beads to string.Bead Rolling Tool

Clay Beads ready to bake

Bead Baking Rack


Stringing beads for bracelets

Stringing beads for bracelets with elastic string

While beads were baking my sister decided to create shapes to put on magnets for gifts. Clay MagnetsMy mom thought the flowers looked great and set to work making her own flower magnets.Making Clay FlowersThe possibilities of things to make with clay are endless. We just got a taste of it and are hooked.  We still have more to show you in future posts. I love it that my family is always eager to learn new ways of creating. The credit of course goes to my mom who nurtured the desire to create in my sisters and I from a very young age. And I happily passed that on to my kids.



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  1. You girls are soooooo TALENTED!!!! I really enjoy reading about what you girls are up to!!! Your vacation must have been wonderful! Lucky you to see such beauty, I love your pictures, thanks for sharing to the rest of us!!!

    A note to let everyone know Mike & Susie Sears will be back at Silver Dollar City for the Craft Festival! Sad news though, Mike’s Mother, “Ginny”, passed away recently!