Lessons From Derwent Academy

If you are looking for a place for free art lessons, Derwent Academy offers 6 video online lessons. You just watch the video, complete the assignment, take a photo, or scan your project and upload the picture to Derwent. They view your work, give helpful critique and then unlock the next lesson for you to take. When you complete the lessons, they will mail you a certificate and a tin of Derwent pencils.  I just finished the lessons and Melinda is starting them. You don’t have to have the Derwent brand of materials used in the lessons to be able to do them. I don’t, but I just used what I have on hand. However, I could tell watching the videos that Derwent products are much nicer than the cheap supplies I have and I hope to eventually buy more of their products to use in my art.

Thought I’d show you the projects I turned in. I had fun and learned some things and I encourage you to give it a try.

Pencil Shading SketchPerspectivePencil Point SketchColored Pencil Bird SketchWatercolor treesOil Pastel Cats


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