Let’s Talk Fabric–Wrap Up: Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday

We have spent the last four weeks talking about ways to save money on fabric for your projects. You can read those posts here:

What we want to talk about today may not seem to fit exactly with being thrifty, but we think it’s something that should be shared.

We want to encourage you today to NOT look for a sale for fabric.

Lots of bright, fun fabric at Marimekko's in NYC

Lots of bright, fun fabric at Marimekko’s in NYC

Go to a fabric store and just look at the fabric without looking at the price. Feel the fabric, look at the textures, look at the colors. Be inspired by the fabric and choose something that you love. Choose something that you feel is especially beautiful.

We obviously want you to stay within your budget, but we want to give you permission to save up some money to just go buy exactly what you want. Not because it’s on sale. Not because it’s a deal. Because you love it, and it feels wonderful!

You can have all the fabric in the world, but if none of it inspires you, then creativity will be harder to muster up for a project.

Marimekko Fabric and Home Decor store in NYC

Marimekko’s in NYC- a colorful, creative store full of fabric and other fun home decor!

Maybe what you need is a super soft minky for a baby blanket, a designer interlock knit for a maxi dress, or a stylish crushed taffeta for your throw pillows. Whatever it is that you are inspired to make, make it to last, make it beautiful, make it with the color and texture that makes you feel lovely.

And of course, if you just happen to have a coupon to use for it then it’s all the better!

What kind of fabric have you had your eye on lately but haven’t bought yet?

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