Little Pillowcase Dresses for Africa Update: Transform It Tuesday

Transform it Tuesday

In the beginning of April, the young girls at my church issued a challenge to the ladies to make Little Dresses for Africa from pillowcases. Melinda and I had fun making four more pillowcase dresses.

Pillowcase dresses

You may want to go back and read the post about that. We thought we’d give you an update about that challenge! The girls made ten dresses for a class project and challenged the ladies to match it. Many of the girls had never sewn before but had a wonderful time learning to use a sewing machine. Girls sewing dresses

The girls made a beautiful display of their dresses:

Little Dresses for Africa

Little Dresses for Africa

By Mother’s Day the wall looked like this:Pillowcase dresses for Africa

Twenty-eight little dresses were lovingly sewn and collected for Little Dresses For Africa as a result of the girls’ project and challenge.

The dresses were sorted by size, tagged and boxed by the girls.Sizing and tagging dresses

The box was sent to Dresses For Africa headquarters where they will be sent to countries in Africa and other countries as needed with missionaries.

Boxed dresses

This project by the girls inspired a lady who was recovering from surgery to make ten more dresses. A local 4th grade Bible study group caught the vision and made seven more dresses. It also inspired a ladies Bible study at another church to start their own project and make some dresses. Little Dresses For Africa is an ongoing project. I encourage our readers to get a group you are involved with to get creative and transform some pillowcases to make dresses. You can find out all the information at their website.

Melinda made another dress that did not go to Africa. My Princess, who is outgrowing all her clothes, got a pillowcase dress of her own!

Pillowcase dress




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  1. A lady from our church has been making these dresses for approximately a year and turning them into our local senior center for mailing to an organization that, supposedly, gets them to the proper place in Africa. Recently, we were told that this project has reached its capacity and the dresses are no longer needed. Also, we were told that the cost of mailing them had become an issue. Do you have recent information in this regard. (Your dresses are adorable!)

    Thank you, Emily in Ohio
    Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)