Make a Rabbit From a Towel

Children love to snuggle a soft squishy stuffed animal friend. We have just completed the pattern for our One Towel Cuddler Rabbit made from one soft 100% cotton bath towel. It is available for immediate download in our Etsy shop.


The inspiration for these pattern designs came about because we have children in our family who are allergic to polyester. Most of the soft, cuddly, stuffed animals in the stores are made with polyester fabrics and polyester stuffing. Even on the rare occasion of finding a stuffed animal made with cotton or other natural fiber fabric, they are usually filled with polyester stuffing. These fibers can work their way through the cloth and onto the child’s skin. We designed these One Towel Cuddlers so they could be 100% safe for our little ones with allergies by making the outside and inside of the toy with all natural fibers by using one cotton bath towel.

However, if allergies are not a concern for your loved one, you can make our pattern using any soft fabrics and stuff with the fiber stuffing of your choice.

This pattern is available for instant download and has detailed instructions, materials needed list, and pattern pieces. Rabbit size is approximately 14″ from the top of head to the tail end. The ears and legs are floppy. Because there are no small parts to come loose, this rabbit is a perfect cuddly companion for infants and toddlers.

Sew a rabbit this week as a special gift for a sweet little someone you love!



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