Make Your Own Hair Ties and Headbands

Thoroughly Thrifty ThursdayMy little girls are growing up! We are getting to where the tiny elastic hair ties break pretty easily and don’t hold all their hair up as well in a pony tail. I’ve seen these newer kind at the store several times but couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for them when my girls could easily lose them.

Hair Ties2

Hair Ties1

These kind are supposed to be kinder to your hair and can double as a cute bracelet.

While fabric shopping a few weeks ago, I saw this kind of a elastic for $1.79 a yard. It’s called fold over elastic. Depending on the size that I make them, I can get 8-10 hair ties out of one yard or 3-4 headbands.

Hair Ties6

You can find it in all different colors and styles. Some might be more expensive depending on the style, size, and where you find it. Find the elastic online or in your local fabric store.

How do you make them?

You just cut off the length that you want, make a knot at the end, then seal off the raw edge with heat/flame like you would ribbon (be careful!). It’s all ready for fixing a cute pony tail.

Hair Ties4

Hair Ties3Elastic Hair ties that don't damage hair


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