Mike Sears: Painter

Did you enjoy the post about the fingertip painter yesterday? We interviewed several crafters at Silver Dollar City. There were just so many of them, there is no way we could interview them all. You should go check it out each booth for yourself! Our next crafter is a painter with an amazing story.SDC Fall FestivalMike Sears, before becoming a fine arts painter 37 years ago, was a custom car painter. One day, he heard on the radio that there was a family in need, and they were going to have a quick auction to help raise money for them. Mike decided to try to paint a picture that he could donate for the auction. It sold!Mike Spears- Painter Since then, Mike has donated 1000 paintings to charity. The amazing part of the story is that Mike has Parkinson’s disease. However, His hand becomes steady as soon as he starts to paint. His wife, Susie, believes that God has given him the ability to still paint because his heart is so big.

SpearsHe can get 2-3 paintings done in a day if he wants to. However, if he doesn’t feel like doing another painting, he will paint on his board to keep him from having to do more. His painting board will be too wet to put another piece of wood to paint on it, so he gets to be done for the day.Mike SpearsMost of his paintings are done on kiln dried basswood from Wisconsin. Because of his background with car painting, the paint that he likes to use is a sign paint. Some of his paintings are sold as prints and bookmarks too.
Mike Spears PaintingThank you, Mike and Susie, for your inspirational art!


Mike Sears: Painter — 17 Comments

  1. My husband & I just got home in Texas from Branson. Mike & Susie
    were our neighbors where we stayed. We fell in love with these two
    people. There were tears when we left. I called Susie yesterday to
    let she & Mike know we were safely at home. She told me to look up your website. What a great surprise, you did a beautiful story on
    them & beautiful pictures too! Now I can show our friends the story
    & pictures of our friends at SDC & your website too! THANK YOU!

  2. My friend June sent me this email along with the pictures. I like Mike’s paintings for they remind me of a friend of ours that lives in Victoria, Texas who has painted for years and never put his art and talent out to the public for them to enjoy! He is now in a nursing home and can’t do what he has loved all his life and good at! Mike has been given a talent also and I especially like the painting he has done that is in the last picture sitting on the wheel chair. I wish he and Susie the best with many blessings. Ann

  3. As usual my friends you are greatly acknowledged for your excellent work of Art; Love the ones I have!!God Bless you Both

  4. How might I be able to contact Mike Sears about a painting of his that I just saw on the Jim Bakker Show? It was called, “The Four Seasons of Life”. Thanks so much!

  5. I saw Mike Sears at Silver Dollar City several years ago and was impressed by his beautiful paintings. I have not been able to get to Silver Dollar City again, and am wondering how I might get in touch with him to possibly purchase one on his beautiful foggy barn scenes. Thank you very much!

    • Sorry, I didn’t receive an e-mail about connecting with Mike Sears. THANKS AGAIN! Nancy

      • Nancy, I sent it again to the email address you gave us when you registered your first comment. If you do not receive it, please send me your correct email address to jan@inatickle.com. Our email may have gone to your junk mail folder.

  6. NANCY DEZELL – Mike & Sue Sears are dear friends of my husband & I.
    I talk to them often by phone. If for some reason you have not been
    been able to contact them & you are still interested in contacting them please contact me by email-nannyjune10@yahoo.com.. I will be able to see that you & the Sears get in touch with one another. Have a good day!

  7. My husband and I met Mike and Susie at Silver Dollar City years ago; however, this year we were able to purchase one of Mike’s paintings. We love the painting and Mike and Susie too. We love the painting so much we asked Mike to paint another with Fall Colors, our new painting is a Winter painting. Great Job Mike, your painting will have a wonderful home that is very cherished.

  8. Met Susie and Mike in Branson several years ago and enjoyed them so very much. Mike’s talent was so amazing because his Parkinson disease did not hinder him at all. My husband also had Parkinson as well as Alzheimer disease which made our friendship even more special. My husband, Clyde passed away in October but the memories we had in Branson with this wonderful artist and wife will always be with me.
    My prayer is that God will allow this fine man many more years of painting beautiful pictures for many Silver Dollar visitors to enjoy.

  9. Was blessed to have the opportunity to meet Mike and his wonder wife two years ago at Silver Dollar City. I purchased one of his beautiful paintings set on wood, and I love it. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to spend more time with them, and look forward to getting back this October to do just that.

  10. Three years ago my husband and I observed Mike Sears,painter at Silver Dollar City. We were impressed with his paintings and and just the story of his bout with Parkinson’s and the insult of the disease on his vision and his body. This man was such an inspiration with all the “handicaps” he could have given in to, he persevered and is painting yet today. We wanted to purchase one his paintings at the time but decided to think about it for the night and went back the next day to find he was ill and I wanted a picture of him painting when I purchased. This year 2016 I returned and did indeed get to watch him paint and got my pictures as well as purchased a painting. Mr. Sears is indeed a testament to the power of the human spirit. Thanks for the opportunity Mike and his wife afforded me on my return trip.

  11. i am trying to contact Mike about a painting. Please send me his contact info. thanks!