We just passed another milestone at in a Tickle. The previous post was our 400th blog post since we started 26 months ago. We are amazed to have found that many things to write about! When we started, if someone had told us we would write that many posts in barely over two years, we probably would have choked. We didn’t have to come up with a list of 400 things to write about in the beginning. We started with one week at a time and after a while our thinking changed from what can we do and write about to seeing everything we did as a potential blog post. The hardest part was remembering to take pictures—just in case.

We are also amazed to have people accessing our blog from all over the world. Just in the first six months of 2015, people from 146 countries have visited at least one page on our blog. To be able to give creative inspiration to someone in a country we would never have opportunity to visit inspires us even more. In the beginning, we were excited if twenty people (who were related or knew and loved us) would read our posts. Now, we are excited to have about 300 people a day reading posts. That may not sound like much compared to some bloggers, but our readership continues to steadily grow. We love the feedback received from those who have expressed to us how something we’ve written about has inspired them to pursue their own creativity. That is why we do what we do. We want to help others see that they are creative beings made in the image of their Creator.

For those who have thought about expressing your creativity through blogging (writing, cooking, parenting, art, dance, music. crafts, sewing, spiritual growth, and the list of possibilities is endless) we would encourage you to choose what you love to do, start doing it, and then keep going. Take one day at a time.

In case you are curious, here are the top three posts that are accessed almost daily:

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In case you are new to our blog,  there are 397 other posts you can catch up on!

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