Music Teacher Fosters Creativity

Ninja Boy performed in his second ever recital a week and a half ago. We are proud of his hard work and accomplishment.

Piano Recital

He has an amazing piano teacher (who taught mommy and auntie when they were younger). She loves encouraging her students to be creative.

Ninja Boy likes to make up his own songs and one in particular she got him to play for her in a lesson one day. When recital time came she asked him to name the song and play it along with his regular piece from his book at the recital. It’s a simple little melody that he titled, “Brain Freeze.”

Piano Recital Program

We are proud of him, and we are so thankful for a teacher who gives the students freedom to create their own songs and embellishments to already written pieces.

I believe this has kept Ninja Boy excited to play and learn because he has his own creativity invested in his piano playing. It gives him a new spark to play the songs in his book when he can get the other songs out of his head first.

If you are a music teacher, I encourage you to allow your students some freedom to be creative and help see their own potential beyond just playing the song correctly.

(Video is quiet so turn your sound up to hear it better.)

Unfortunately one of the piano keys was stuck which threw off his groove a little. We were proud of him for recovering and being able to finish his song.

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