My First Mixed Media Canvases

I wanted to share with you my very first attempt at creating mixed media canvases. I did these two and a half years ago before we started I really did not know much about mixed media at that point, but I sure had fun. I’m still learning. I painted the canvases with acrylic paint, glued on a doily and then cut out letters for my words and some of the other embellishments from scrapbooking paper. I used marking pens to add a little more detail to the letters.

My Princess had just started taking ballet classes and loved it. I wanted to make something for her to hang on her bedroom wall. She was only two and loved watching ballet movies.

This first one with the phrase, “Dance like no one is watching” fit her so well. She danced all over the house completely oblivious to anyone else.

Dance Like No One is Watching Mixed Media

One morning she came to her mommy and said, “God wants to dance with me!” Melinda replied with tears, “Yes, He does.”

God wants to dance with me Mixed Media


My First Mixed Media Canvases — 1 Comment

  1. Jan, I absolutely loved the mixed media projects. They are very creative.
    The closest I came was acrylics, denim, sand, and oils which I turned into
    The Superstition Mountains at sunset..which is the way I first saw them.
    I wish I could check your Blog more is very interesting. With no home internet, I may make it once every week or two.