My Messy Garage: Real Me Monday

Real Me Monday

The other day, a good friend of mine and her kids came over to play at our house. She has the sweetest girls and a precious boy. The girls are old enough to be in the stage where they say things just like any kid would. You know, the obvious things that nobody wants said out loud. Their house is very often clean, and they, fortunately, received the organizing genes from their mommy that never seemed to fit in my own gene pattern. While putting something out in the garage, one (or more) of the girls kept informing me over and over, “that’s messy!” Thankfully, knowing their mommy and their personalities, I was able to laugh it off. There was no ill intent, and I’m sure their mommy was embarrassed for them (ha ha! don’t be! you are all still loved. Plus it IS messy!).

My Messy Garage

I kept telling them we were sorting stuff for our upcoming project (I wish that was the only reason it was messy. It’s always been messy!). We are about to turn this mess into a storage area and a playroom/office/school room. I wish this was a before and after post because then it would be all done and beautiful! However, it’s still a mess. Just know that you are not the only one with projects that take more than a day! Hopefully in the next month I can show you the new space in a Transform it Tuesday post. For now, my garage is definitely a Real Me Monday post.

More of my messy garage

Thankfully over half of this stuff is going to be out and donated to the Library thrift store or something. Goodbye stuff!

What unfinished projects do you have lying around right now?


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