New Baby Doll Carriers

Do you need a unique gift for a special little one in your life? We have just added several new Baby Doll Carriers to our Etsy store.

baby doll carriers

Kids love their babies and want to hold them close and keep them safe just like real mommies and daddies. With a baby doll carrier, your child can keep her baby close to her heart all day long. If she wants to take baby on a trip with her, she can use the carrier to keep her arms from getting tired and avoid the risk of setting her baby doll down and losing it. Her baby will always stay close so that she can continue to have hands free to play. With adjustable straps it will continue to fit as your child grows. Your child’s favorite stuffed toy animal can be kept close in the carrier instead of a doll. Recommended for ages two and up.

If you want to make your own Baby Doll Carrier, we have the pattern available for instant download on Etsy as well.

Doll Carrier Pattern

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