Ninja Invasion

I have these sneaky visitors that come to my house frequently, often staying for the whole day. I have Ninjas.

When my Hubby was in his younger days, his friends would have arguments about who were better, Ninjas or Pirates. My Hubby was whole-heartedly on the side for the Ninjas. So, for his birthday one year, a friend bought him a t-shirt that gave instructions on just how to become a Ninja using a black t-shirt.

One day when I wasn’t home, my Hubby decided to turn my sweet angels into stealthy, fighting Ninjas.



They were pretty darn cute Ninjas. They need some work on their skills, but they are cute.

My son’s nickname became Ninja Boy after the first time they did this because he really got into the character. He practiced sneaking into rooms and trying to jump out and scare me.

Several days, he has become a ninja in the morning and stayed that way for most of the day.

I’ve driven with a Ninja in the car,


taken a Ninja to the library,


and listened to a Ninja practice piano.


If you want to have some fun with your kids, check out this tutorial for how to use a plain t-shirt to become a Ninja.

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