No More Procrastination

Are you guilty of watching all kinds of videos and reading tutorials about how to do a particular type of creative activity? And then watching more? And more? And never giving it a try yourself?

Are you procrastinating? We usually think of procrastination as something we do to avoid something we don’t want to do. But this is something you want to do! Watching videos and reading tutorials are great ways to learn about a new skill or technique, but if you never give it a try, the skill will never become yours.

While working on a page for the class I am taking to learn more about whimsical lettering techniques, I found a quote that fit well with the concept of spending too much time thinking through something in your head, but never accomplishing the task.


You’ll never plow a field turning it over in your mind. ~Irish Proverb

Your first attempts may not look anything like what you saw or read about, but with continued practice, you’ll get there. Then you’ll be able to develop your own unique style.

What are you wanting to learn? Are you spending all your energy watching someone else do what you want to create?

Quit thinking about it in your head and START!


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