Object Inspired Art

Inspiration for art is all around you and most of the time you are not even aware of it. You probably would not think that pen caps, rubber bands, popcorn, fortune cookies, pacifiers, or whistles could form the basis for fun drawings. Victor Nunes makes thousands of illustrations using everyday objects. I showed my oldest grandkids pictures of some of his work and they loved it. When I suggested they try to draw something from an object I choose, they quickly agreed. My mom had just the day before given me a small bag filled with assorted buckles (in case I could use them for something). So I pulled out a couple of buckles for them and it did not take them any time at all to start drawing out their ideas.


Ninja Boy turned his buckle into a robot.


My Princess made a girl out of her buckle.

My Princess decided to use her buckle as a stencil to make more girls and was quite proud of her group of people.


Ninja Boy wanted to use more buckles from the bag and came up with these creations of a car and an airplane.


They cannot wait to pop some popcorn and see what kind of images they find.

This activity is not just for kids. Take a look at more ideas by Victor Nunes using pencil shavings, paper clips, walnuts, scissors, clothespins, and sunflower seeds. If you are finding yourself with a creative block, grab an ordinary object and pencil and turn that object into a part of your drawing. It just may unlock something and get the creative juices flowing again.


Object Inspired Art — 1 Comment

  1. Pretty clever, kidos! No ideas were popping into my head when I ran across them, but they did look like they had possibilities for the creative members of my family.