Our First Creative Workshop

Transform it Tuesday

On Sunday night, Melinda and I hosted our first Creative Workshop. Everyone had a great time and we hope it is the beginning of many more to come. We started with an activity to get the creative juices flowing by embellishing a Declaration of Creativity. You can find your own copy to print off and decorate here.

Creative WorkshopCreative WorkshopCreative WorkshopCreative WorkshopCreative WorkshopEach one is quite unique. Here are the beautiful Declarations of Creativity:Declaration of Creativity

While the ladies were finishing their Declarations of Creativity, they chose the ingredients for their own smoothie creations for Melinda and I to whip up. Check out the pretty designs the smoothies made in the blender!

Smoothie OrdersSmoothie Design Smoothie Design 2Smoothies Made to Order

The ladies were asked to bring some garments they wanted to transform. As each garment was brought out we all brainstormed about the possibilities each item could be transformed into. It’s amazing what ideas come out! Here are a few that got completed.Skirt to Drawstring Bag3 Shirts transformed to Skirt The back of the yellow shirt became the needed extension for the striped under skirt. The shoulder straps (which included the beads) of the shirred top were sewn together and became the bow on the skirt (with a button added for center of bow.)Sweater transformed into a vestNo sewing required on this one!  The sleeves were cut off and a ribbon threaded through the back to tighten it up and give it some shape.Sewing transformationsWe can’t wait to plan more workshops. Let us know if you’d like to be included!


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