Painting With Bubbles

Do you like to blow bubbles? Try this simple creative activity to “print” paper with paint bubbles. Bubble-Painting

Inspired by this post from Alisa Burke, we made several jars of bubble paint using water, acrylic paint, and dish soap. (I use a natural low sudsing dish soap, so added a couple drops of bubble bath to get more bubbles.)
Paint-BubblesMix the paint, water and dish soap together, grab a straw and start blowing bubbles. When there are enough bubbles piled up over the top of the jar, pull out the straw and lay a piece of paper over the bubbles (we used white card stock.) I also saved and dried the paper towels from under the jars for… well, you never know when you might need colorful painted pieces of paper towel for a project!
Bubble-Print-1 Bubble-Print-2 Bubble-Print-3 Bubble-Print-4

The grandkids enjoyed “painting” bubbles though the younger ones (3 and 4 yr olds) wanted me to blow the bubbles for them. I think they were concerned they might suck the paint instead of blowing it. When the kids were finished I made a pile of bubble prints for myself. I will admit, it was fun! What will I do with the papers I printed? Perhaps make some cards? Or use pieces in a mixed media collage? Hmmm…

I wonder what kind of prints you could make with chocolate milk?


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