Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

Family in front of RV

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On our first big trip in the RV, we realized that at times the road can get bumpy and jostle everyone around a little. We are thankful to have an RV that has seat belts at the dinette and couch to keep the kids buckled while we drive down the road. Because we have a bathroom available, they get up to go if necessary. We slow down a bit more to make it easier to stay upright while this happens. It’s easy with kids for them to decide to get up without being told it’s ok, and we didn’t want that to happen during a time that would be less safe.

We were joking that there was turbulence, and we were turning the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign on like in an airplane. This gave us a fantastic idea!

We had some push button lights for the kids to use in their beds, so we bought another one.

We could just use that the way it is and let them know that they need to fasten their seatbelts when the light is on. But what is the fun of that??

I took a red and a black sharpie and went to work.


I used a velcro command strip to attach it to the front of the RV where the kids will see it.


When we “take off,” “land,” and “experience turbulence” the kids know they must stay buckled and cannot get up to move seats or go to the bathroom. So far it is working perfectly!





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