Print Your Own Fabric {Part 3}

More fun today experimenting with printing fabric! If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, stop now and check out what we have done so far. This is getting to be so much fun, I think our next trip to the fabric store will be to buy more colors of solid cottons to print our own designs.

Today, I decided to see what I could do with pre-made stamps. I only have a few on hand, but it was enough to play with for three fabric designs.

Since I was working with solid white cotton on this first one, I wanted a background. I started by painting streaks of green fabric paint with a wide art brush. To give it a different texture, I put a twig placemat under the fabric and brushed some blue fabric paint onto a brayer. When I rolled the brayer across the fabric it created a unique addition to my background. Using the same blue paint, I brushed a dinosaur stamp with paint and randomly stamped blue dinos all over the fabric. Using another dinosaur stamp, I stamped little green dinos the same color green as my background stripes all over the fabric. It looked fine at that point but I decided to continue adding orange dinosaurs and also splattering orange paint over the fabric. Then I decided I better stop.

Printing dino fabricDino stamped fabricFor my next fabric printing experiment, I laid out several pre-cut craft foam circle shapes on the wax paper and laid the fabric on top. I brushed some fabric ink onto the brayer and rolled over the fabric with the circles underneath. I moved the circles around a bit and rolled more paint on it. My plan was to make it look like bubbles in water because the stamp I wanted to use was a whale. I ended up with frolicing whales on my fabric. On this whole design I was using fabric inks for my paint.Printing whale fabricFrolicing Whales FabricI cut another piece of white fabric and placed strips of blue painters tape at a 45 degree angle across it. Again, I used my brayer with yellow fabric ink this time and painted the fabric between the painters tape strips. Then I pulled off the tape and started stamping bicycles with fabric ink across each white stripe.Bicycle stamped fabricThe possibilities are endless for printing your own fabric designs. Give it a try! With your creative imagination and just a few supplies, you can be making one of a kind designs to use in your special projects. Have fun!


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