Repeat That Again

The challenge for week 8 in the Documented Life Project was “Repeating Elements” and the journal prompt was, “It’s Worth Repeating.”

Last year I started learning to knit while visiting my daughter for the birth of her son. She taught me how to make several dishcloths. I was constantly asking her to help me “fix” a goof I had made and could not figure out what to do. For some reason, my brain was not making sense of the direction the yarn was supposed to be going. The more I did, the easier it got (during the five weeks I was with her). Well, fast forward to the fall, and I was visiting her again. I had not knitted since spring and it was not yet imprinted in my brain enough to have the confidence to do it on my own. She took me to the Lion Brand store, and I picked out yarn to make a scarf. I decided this time I was going to keep it simple and just knit a row, purl a row back and forth so the process of each stitch would become natural and I could learn to keep a consistent gage. I currently have over half a scarf finished and hopefully I will get it finished long before I need a new warm scarf for next winter.

I told you all of that because knitting is just two different stitches done in various combinations over and over (repeat). I decided to draw knitting stitches for my repeating challenge and make the yarn variegated with watercolor. I think now that it is completed that it is easier to actually knit with yarn than trying to keep track of those stitches on paper– although it was easier to take out stitches with an eraser!

Knit Purl Pen and Watercolor



I’ve been looking at a lot of drawing tutorials on Pinterest lately. A lot of them show step by step guides of how to draw. That is my inspiration for this page and this is the picture I was looking at.hamster


Ninja Boy:


My Princess:

Kids-Collage Repeating Elements


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