Rocking Chair Inspiration

Transform it Tuesday

A couple weeks ago we showed you the chairs we found at a thrift store that we transformed into playroom chairs for the two older kids.

Before and After Chairs

Well, Miss Tickles felt left out. She needed a chair of her own. Melinda had been given an old wooden rocker that needed a face lift:Original Rocking Chair

It got a coating of yellow paint, but seemed too plain. So we added a little bit of scrapbook paper to make it match the  bigger chairs.

While my sisters were in town, we made a trip to Eureka Springs, AR. Lovely little town to visit if you are ever in this neck of the woods, by the way. The town is filled with quaint Victorian houses. As we rode around looking at the homes, I got a revelation for the rocking chair. On so many of the porches, the balusters were painted in multiple colors. Here’s just a sampling of what I saw:victorian balusters

I decided to paint the rocking chair in a similar fashion. If it didn’t look good, I could always paint back over it with the solid yellow paint. It’s tedious work and I decided after painting the chair, I would not want to have to paint a whole porch this way! But it turned out great. It was just the touch needed to go with the seat cushion to match the big chairs.

Rocking Chair

Miss Tickles loved it too. She had observed all the progress up until that point. After I painted the white, orange and pink sections, the first time she saw it she kept pointing to the paint and jabbering about it. I’m pretty sure she said, “This is awesome, Grandma! I love it! Where did you come up with the idea to paint it this way?” Or something like that.

Side of Rocking Chair

Keep your eyes open to possibilities every where you go. You never know what may inspire you for your next creative project.

Rocking Chair before after

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