Sew a New Christmas Tradition

When I was a child, Christmas took forever to arrive. Now as an adult the time flies by so quickly I am once again thinking it can’t be almost the end of another year already. Christmas is 11 weeks away. Now is a perfect time for you to make a beautiful heirloom Advent Calendar for your children or grandchildren that can be passed on to future generations. Advent calendars began in the 19th century in Germany. If you like history you can find out more about the origin of advent calendars here.

My mom made an advent calendar for my children when they were young from burlap and felt. Each pocket of the calendar held a small felt ornament to be snapped onto the tree and a piece of paper with a daily reading relating the ornament to Christmas. The kids were so excited each day from December 1st leading up to Christmas Day to put up the ornaments and take turns reading about the ornament. Since Melinda was the first of my kids to have children of her own, she was given the advent calendar my mom made. When her sister had her first child, Melinda felt a little sad that her niece could not share the advent calendar made by her great grandma. So inspired by grandma’s calendar, Melinda made a new one for her niece’s second Christmas. We loved it and decided to make a pattern available for it so that others could make one for their own families. You may purchase our Christmas Advent Calendar Pattern in our Etsy Store for instant download and start making one today.

Christmas Advent Calendar Pattern-

The pattern includes clear instructions along with pattern pieces, materials needed list, diagrams, and photos for you to make each of the 25 ornaments and the tree wall hanging with pockets. Also included are the Daily Ornament Readings for you to print off for each pocket. The ornaments are all handstitched with simple embroidery stitches. The wall hanging does include sewing machine stitching. Even if you are a just learning to sew, it’s not difficult to make, and we challenge you to create a gift that will be cherished because it was handmade by you!

Christmas Advent Calendar Pattern- InATickle.comChristmas Advent Calendar Pattern- InATickle.comChristmas Advent Calendar Pattern-

Purchase your pattern today and get started creating an heirloom!

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