Shirt Becomes Nightgown

I’ve shown you how I made a couple nightgowns from thrift store finds for My Princess in an earlier post. This time, I found a shirt from my own closet that I no longer wanted and thought it would be perfect to transform into a nightgown for Miss Tickles. She is a stickler about things belonging to a certain person, so when I have tried to put nightgowns that belong to her older sister on her, she insists that they are not hers. I wanted to make her a nightgown that she could claim as her own.

I took this white strapless shirt and took in the sides to fit Miss Tickles.Old Shirt

I added a couple straps, and now she has a nightgown of her own!Transformed Shirt to NightgownNightgown made from Old Shirt
She says she is a beautiful princess when she wears it. It took her half the day to finally change out of it after wearing it all night (and that was only because she spilled some food on it).


Shirt Becomes Nightgown — 1 Comment

  1. What a great idea, and looks fantastic on here.
    She is absolutely right. She is beautiful. Ha! Look at that face. You’re a great mom. They grow up in a blink. God bless you and yours.