Space Pillow {Boys Week}

It is so easy to think of things to make for girls (at least for us). Could it be because we are girls and so far there is only one grandson and three granddaughters? Ninja boy is rather outnumbered. He deserves creative stuff as much as the girls, so we decided to focus for a few days on boys.

Remember this fabric that I hand printed last week? (If not, you can read how here.) If you don’t want fabric with licensed character designs or sweet little baby designs, there is really not much fabric to choose from for boys. So we plan on printing a lot more of our own fabric in the future for our projects.Space men stamped fabricNinja Boy has been wanting more red color in his mostly blue room, so this fabric is going to become part of a pillow. Fun pillows are good for a boy’s room when he is no longer wanting to cuddle with stuffed animals or dolls because he wants to be “big,” but deep down really wants to wrap his arms around something special.

Using the same fabric printing process as last week, I printed some coordinating fabric to use with this piece. I made a moldable foam stamp using the back side of Legos®. Lego StampAnd this is what I got:Lego print closeupI wasn’t very consistent with the amount of fabric paint I put on the stamp, but for the way I used this fabric, it looked good being uneven. After this fabric dried a couple of days, I heat set it with an iron.Lego print fabricI cut this fabric into strips to use on top of the red print. It was time to construct the pillow. I backed the red print fabric with a piece of cotton batting and quilted it with zig zag stitching on the “lines” between the stamps. To attach the strips of blue printed fabric, I laid them out on top of the pillow top in a square and zig zag appliqued those in place. For the pillow back, I cut up a pair of Ninja Boy’s daddy’s jeans (don’t worry Michael, it’s a pair that got too big for you!). Here’s how the pillow turned out.Pillow with hand printed fabricPillow closeup

Pillow back with upcycled jeans

Pillow back with upcycled jeans.

Using jean fabric for the back side of the pillow gives it more structure and for a boy’s room that’s a good thing!

So what was Ninja Boy’s response to the pillow? “Nice!”

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